Muscle Recovery Massage

60 min 630 AED
90 min 945 AED

Deep tissue massage uses firm pressure and steady strokes to relieve chronic muscle tension in the body. Various techniques involving fingers, fists, and elbows are used to reach the deeper levels of muscles and fascia and are usually best suited for athletes and those suffering from injuries. The main target is the connective tissues, muscles, and tendons. The method involved requires massaging layers of muscles while applying more pressure to get to the deep tissue. The massage aims at improving healing by releasing contracted tissues and muscles in certain areas of the body, and it improves blood supply to soft tissues and reduces inflammation. A deep tissue massage can be performed on the entire body or specific problem areas. It would be best to consult with our specialized therapists at Elis Spa to ensure a relaxed and comfortable massage session.

There are several benefits associated with Deep Tissue massage therapy. These include injury prevention before a game, short recovery time, muscle development and overall body relaxation. Choose between a 60-minute or 90-minute session depending on your requirement, and our therapist will have it tailored to meet your specific needs. Give us a call or click the Book Now button to schedule an appointment.

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