Six Hands Massage

60 min 2100 AED
90 min 3100 AED

The six hands massage is a special kind of massage therapy that provides the benefits of three massage sessions in one. It involves three therapists working in a synchronized manner to stimulate the body deeply. The massage techniques involved help in alleviating stress and releasing tightness in various parts of the body. It is very effective as the pressure from the six hands at different points of the body penetrates the muscles to provide relief and improve relaxation. Here at Elis Spa, we work both physically and energetically. Prior to your session, our therapist will consult with you to understand your requirements and tailor the massage to meet these needs.

At Elis Spa, we take pride in offering massage therapists specialized in this treatment. It requires the experience and expertise of professionals to perform the massage harmoniously. Aromatherapy can also be incorporated to provide an enhanced experience for both the body and the senses. It also takes less time since more areas of the body will be covered by the different masseuses at once. The massage begins in the prone position, with our therapists focusing on the feet, calves, and upper legs in synchronized movements, releasing tension with movements that are firm enough for relief. Our three therapists and their professional hands work together down the back area. This area is solid and energetically connected. One therapist stays on the back, while the other two go on to the lower back and gluteus; all three continue to work in a seamless ritual.

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