Traditional Thai Stretching Massage

60 min 630 AED
90 min 945 AED

A stretching massage incorporates aided stretching into the regular massage session. It may be in the form of a traditional Swedish massage where the massage therapists also stretch out parts of the body. This method has double benefits from the massage and the stretching techniques used during one session. This kind of session helps in working more fluidly on the client, ensuring the full benefits. The benefits of assisted stretching during a massage include relieving pain, improving the body posture, stimulating healing of old injuries, enhancing better flexibility, and stimulating blood circulations.

At Elis Spa, our massage therapists are well trained in the various methods required for the two services. This type of massage is more suitable for athletes, individuals with bad posture, sedentary lifestyles, and those suffering chronic injuries. Regular stretching massages help in relieving knots and tension formed in the muscles. Whether you have a desk job and need relief from chronic pain or simply want to ease your muscles, our massage therapists can help! Book an appointment today and choose from a 60-minute or 90-minute session.

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