Double Paradise

60 min 1045 AED
90 min 1470 AED

The Four Hands Massage is a full-body, harmonized massage that is done by two therapists employing coordinated movements and long, calming interwoven motions. When compared to a typical massage, this is equivalent to receiving two massages at the same time. The addition of two hands to this massage makes it difficult for the brain to predict the therapist's movements and variable pressures. It also transfers you to a more relaxed state, causing your body to become more susceptible to deep pressures, enhance blood flow, and reduce chronic pain. Our therapists hold years of experience and expertise, so rest assured you will not be disappointed.

Reduced muscle tension and soreness, as well as decreased blood pressure and increased blood circulation, are all advantages of the Four Hands Massage Therapy. The four hands work together to excite your mind and body while using your complete brain. It blends traditional Thai and Swedish massage techniques and is administered by two highly trained therapists. Please contact us to schedule an appointment with our therapist, and we will gladly assist you.

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